We have a solution for your website,
e‑shop, applications or e‑learning.

Expanding abroad and building a website? Do you need to train your employees in a foreign language, or do you have a great app that you are planning to break into foreign markets with? We offer a solution that will make you understood around the world.

Be Understood

Our solution for your website includes the internationalization of your texts, consultation for format preparation and subsequent localization. It is a complex process that we’ve got a very good grasp of so the implementation of the new language mutation on your website will be fast and effective.

Of course, SEO translation is also a must, which will make your service or product easily traceable and will reach your customers.

We will help you launch your application or software on foreign markets. The time when copied software strings were translated in spreadsheets is over. We are coming with an effective solution that helps us work with any structured source file. However, we don’t stop with application or software translation; we can offer translations of relevant instructions, help and other materials.

Education is an essential part of today’s accelerated times, which favour modern formats and methods of education. Benefit from our solution for e‑learning and provide education throughout the world.

We’ll be happy to help you with e‑learning platform or video localization into almost any language. We can provide the transcription of audio recordings or audio tracks into written form. The resulting text document can be used to create subtitles, translate the video content and publish it on the web or as a script for subsequent dubbing.

If you are planning to expand with your web shop abroad, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a solution for your e‑shop, and much more. Whether you are a developer, a marketing company or running an e‑shop, we can help you increase your sales in the market you want to serve.

After analysing your needs, the market you are targeting and the way you communicate, we will prepare an offer for your e‑shop localization solution and a service structure that will lead to successful content deployment in your target country. We will also prepare translations of help, knowledge base, support or FAQ. We won’t forget about the SEO translation either.

We will put together a complete translation team for you, taking into account your requirements for a given language or market.



Máme desítky let zkušeností s jazykovými službami. Realizovali jsme všechny typy projektů: od jednorázové po několikaleté spolupráce.

Projektový tým

Projektový tým

Každý projekt řídí projektový tým, který zajistí dodržení stanovených termínů a rozpočtů.

Kompletní nabídka služeb

Kompletní nabídka služeb

Vyhotovíme překlady, připravíme glosáře, zajistíme korektury, lokalizace audio a video obsahu, testování i následnou kontrolu.

200 jazykových kombinací

200 jazykových kombinací

Pracujeme v padesáti hlavních jazycích a jejich kombinacích.

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