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We translate for legal equivalence—providing you with certified translations

Extracts from commercial registers, court decisions, full powers of attorney, notarial records and medical reports—these are examples of documents that might require a specific type of translation verified by a court or performed by a “sworn” translator. Such documents are frequently required by courts, state authorities, companies conducting important transactions and even everyday citizens, when seeking to corroborate data recorded in official documents, whether here in the Czech Republic or abroad.

A certified translation is bound with a seal either to the original document or its notarized copy. As part of our service, we not only prepare your certified translation, but also sort out any necessary notarization of the original.

If we’re preparing a regular translation for you and you discover that it needs certifying, we’ll quickly make the necessary changes.

Do you have a document to translate but aren’t sure whether certification is necessary? Then get in touch. Our project managers will assess the use of the document and recommend a solution.

With certified translations, i.e., when translating for legal equivalence, we emphasize accuracy and the correct use of specialist terminology. A court certified translation must fully match the original text of the original document, therefore for these translations we select experienced “sworn” translators, real experts in their given discipline.

Among other services, we can notarize or superlegalize your document. Don’t waste time—we’ll sort out everything here in one place.


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