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We offer a solution for your e‑learning needs enabling you to provide training in any language.

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Provide learning in any world language

In today’s global world, it is increasingly important for firms to provide any type of training in multiple languages. Do you have offices in several countries or even all over the world? Do you need to quickly share training videos in multiple languages? Aspena provides a standardized solution for the localization of e‑learning platforms or videos into almost any language.

We provide the following standard services as part of e‑learning video localization:

  • Transcription of sound recordings or soundtracks;
  • Translation;
  • Subtitling (time stamps, embedded subtitles, separate subtitles);
  • Voice–over;
  • Dubbing;
  • Editing and post‑production video editing.

If the source script or text is not available, we will provide the transcription of sound recordings or soundtracks. Based on the initial analysis, we suggest the best method of transcription, either a manual transcription or a method using our automated tool followed by our editor’s proofreading, if required.

The resulting text document has a wide range of applications such as creating subtitles, translating the video content and publishing on a website, or further use as a script for subsequent dubbing.

The translation of subtitles is a specific type of working with text, and requires special skills and experience on the translator’s side. The translator not only has to adjust the target text to the limited number of characters/words per subtitle line, but they should also consider the time needed for concurrent watching the video and reading.

A quality translation is essential

The basis for subtitling or dubbing consists in a high‑quality translation we provide through our professional translators.

We can work either with source subtitles already containing time stamps, or we can mark the transcribed audio text with time stamps and translate it subsequently.

Following the translation, we can either embed the subtitles right in the video, or deliver them in some of the standard formats such as srt, txt, WebVTT, or sub.

In cooperation with our professional Audio‑Video Studio we will provide a wide selection of voice talents (actors) in all the languages we process. Using the samples provided, every customer can select the voice that best suits their needs. Whether it is a simpler voice‑over or a more complicated dubbing, we always seek to fulfil our customer’s expectations as much as possible.

Last but not least, we also provide additional video editing according to our customers’ wishes.