Solution for websites

We have a solution for your website enabling you to address your customers throughout the world in the language they understand.

Be Understood

Are you building an international website or have you deployed your website and plan to expand internationally? Go for it with us

Aspena has developed and verified in practice a standardized solution for the translation of websites focusing on the target audiences. Our mission is to localize the website so that your customers feel at home there.

When planning the language extension of your web presentation, the web created in the home language should consider which customers the content would reach and in what countries it will be consumed by your customers.

Aspena offers consulting for the internationalization of your texts, consulting for preparing the formatting and export of the texts to be localized, and recommends a solution that ensures your web is understood by international visitors to your presentation.

The most common file formats we process during website translation include:

  • html, htm (HyperText Markup Language)
  • php (Hypertext Preprocessor)
  • json (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • xml (Extensible Markup Language)
  • resx (Resource File)
  • as well as other formats.

So there is no need to copy your texts into another format; in plain terms, we can cope with any structured source file format exported from your system. The formatting and page structure remain unchanged when working with these native formats.
The implementation (deployment) of the new language mutation then becomes very simple.

Saving your time

The method of preparing e‑shops for translation and the subsequent suggested modern technical solution results in up to 50% time saved for internet shop localization.

As part of the standardized connection of our translation tools directly with your CMS through an API, we will provide services such as the localization of your website presentation almost in real time and every update of your content will reach us with almost one click by your website administrator. The localized content is uploaded back to your website presentation in the same manner. That means you won’t have to work with localized text deployment. Before the publication of the translated site, our solution also includes a contextual proofreading to ensure that the translated text corresponds to the visual context of your site as well.

The SEO translation should be an integral part of website translation. This type of translation includes not only textual adjustment, but also keyword, tag and title translations considering the target market requirements in the relevant language.
The SEO translation should be a superstructure of the classic standard translation, and it is often good to have the SEO translation carried out by a linguist other than the one who translated the website content.
As part of the workflow setting we suggest translation team members take your requirements for the relevant language or market into account.

As a matter of course, we create tailored translation memories, glossaries or a translation team for your presentation.

Our standardized solution aims to greatly streamline the costs of your website extension and cut the administrative and time load for deploying additional language localizations so that your customers have no problem understanding you.