Solution for e‑shops

Do you want to know how to properly prepare your e‑shop for translation or localization? We will help you prepare you  e‑shop for translation/localization, whether you are a developer, a marketing company or an e‑shop operator. All with one goal in mind: to increase your e‑shop sales on the market you are expanding to.

Be Understood

Saving your time

In business, we know that speed and proper language focus are important for your customers. That’s why Aspena has come up with a standardized solution that will help you prepare your e‑shop for localization so that your foreign e‑shop can be filled with localized content in real time, technically secure, and spare you from any extra work with translations.

Before the e‑shop translation itself, we should analyze the format in which we are able to jointly extract your e‑shop content. Our specialist technical department will help you design the overall solution and ensure the smooth extraction of texts and items in cooperation with you or your developers. After analyzing your needs, the manner of your communication as well as the market you’re focusing on, we will prepare an offer for your e‑shop localization solutions and structure of services leading to a successful content deployment in your target country.

The most common file formats we process during e‑shop translation include:

  • xml (Extensible Markup Language)
  • html, htm (HyperText Markup Language)
  • csv (Comma Separated Values file)
  • json (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • as well as other formats.

So there is no need to copy your texts into another format; in plain terms, we can cope with any structured source file format exported from your system. The formatting and page structure remain unchanged when working with these native formats.
Where a multitude of source files is involved, it is ideal to export a complete directory structure that remains unchanged after translation.
The implementation (deployment) of the new language mutation of your e‑shop is very simple then.

Don’t forget the SEO translation

Comprehensive e‑shop localization also includes SEO translation, which is the translation of key words, tags, titles and other items. This type of translation also considers the specifics of the target market and language.
The SEO translation is the superstructure of a regular translation – and is often carried out by a linguist other than those involved in the content localization.
As part of setting up the solution, we will put together a complete translation team taking your requirements for the relevant language or market into account.

The next step for e‑shop localization should include the translation of help, knowledge base, support, FAQs and the like. Through our agile project management and use of modern CAT tools, we ensure that translations and all their parts are consistent even if the translation is carried out by multiple linguists with different specializations.

Therefore, we will suggest options for translating your text using machine translation with the involvement of translators and proofreaders experienced in the required field, issue or marketing.

Our flagship is the standardized method of submitting content for translation, like if you are launching a new product line and need to quickly fill out something other than the home language mutations of your shop. This involves an option to connect your e‑shop to our translation tools through an API. This solution mainly leads to you saving time, which ultimately results in saving on the costs of translation as such. As we are able to distribute the content right to your e‑shop thanks to the connection of our systems, your foreign customers will be able to shop in their language almost instantly.