Legal and financial translations

Everyone needs legal and financial translations, regardless of the sector they work in.


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Translations of contracts, annual reports and court translations for customers from all over the world

Translations in law and finance are very common for companies in every sector of society. For the engineering company Bosch Diesel we produce court translations, for Air Bank and the Our Child Foundation we translate annual reports, while for Tondach it’s legal texts.

Contracts, directives, financial statements and annual reports are some examples of the legal and financial texts we translate for engineering, IT, construction, medical and other companies.

Documents such as contracts, extracts from the Commercial Register or court documentation often require notarization, or some other form of certification. Very often these “sworn” translations concern key documents that place stringent demands on the precise usage of proper legal and financial terminology. A precise and correct legal or financial translation is a prerequisite for your success.

We use consistent, well‑established legal and financial terminology.

During the translation of legal and financial texts, emphasis is placed on ensuring the use of uniform and standard terminology, which is why selecting the most appropriate translator is crucial.

The translation of a contract must be localized with regards to the recognized and commonly used legal or financial terms of a given country. Besides a glossary, we also use specialist editing carried out by lawyers or financial experts.

For express deadlines, our project managers coordinate the work of individual translators in order to satisfy your requirements.

Consistent and standard terminology

Consistent and standard terminology

We ensure the correct and consistent use of legal and financial terminology.

Secure processes

Secure processes

In regard to the sensitivity of data contained in financial and legal documents, we’re constantly investing in new technological solutions and security. We’ll keep your content secret and secure.

Project management

Project management

Our experienced project managers will look after every aspect of your project. They’ll make sure it’s delivered on-budget and on-time.