Post-editing is a service for customers who first use machine translation

Outputs from machine translation have shown a marked improvement in quality over recent years. But it still cannot be considered usable for anything other than offering a very rough understanding of a text.

Which is why we offer post-editing. This is a special type of editing in which an editor checks and edits a machine translated text. The editor needs to work with the original text in order to understand the content, and therefore has to have a solid grasp of both languages. The final text is then comparable in quality with a classic translation done by a translator.

Post-editing delivered by experienced suppliers.


We’ve been successfully post-editing for many years. We know how to manage these projects and we have a supplier base which produces perfect results. We’re able to provide effective post-editing no matter what machine translation SW was used. Whether the preceding program was “rule-based”, “statistical”, “example-based” or “Neural MT”, we have the know-how to secure optimal output.


We offer support at every stage of the decision-making process.

Machine translation

We’re able to organize the complete machine translation process.


We’re experienced at post-editing machine translations in all sorts of language combinations.

Project management

From project managers, linguistic experts and specialists in the field, through to checkers and editors, all execute their work with the greatest precision—leading to the perfect result.