Simultaneous interpretation

We provide simultaneous interpretation on a professional level

Simultaneous interpretation is the most difficult translation field when the speech is being translated in real time. Interpreters usually sit in cabins, listen to the speech through headphones and convert it into negotiation languages from which the participants can pick the most suitable in their headphones.

For a conference or lecture we will select an optimal number of interpreters and will provide interpretation technology including technical support. For the optimal execution it is usually needed to pick two interpreters per language, as the interpreters will take turns in regular intervals.

We carry out interpretation worldwide and are able to provide interpretation in a range of industries. Our interpreters are experienced, representative and have highly abundant language skills.

A smooth course of interpretation is ensured by the project team and professional interpreter.

Every project of simultaneous interpretation is managed by a project team. The team will provide suitable interpreters for the given conference or lecture. We will provide interpreting cabins, microphones, headphones, and other necessary interpretation technology.

For example, we carried out simultaneous interpretation for the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) during the Junior Track and Field World Championships, while providing interpretation technology for 300 participants and translating into 4 languages (English, French, Russian, Spanish).

Combination of major world languages

We are able to carry out interpretation in dozens of language combinations

Interpretation anywhere

We will provide interpretation in France, the Netherlands, Sweden, and USA.

Providing sufficient number of experienced interpreters

Selection of vendors according to field specifics

Project management of the entire project

Solution suggestion according to our customers' needs.

Flexibility and speed

When solving customer’s requirements and during project implementation.