SEO translation done properly

Without a doubt, you will need to localise your website if you want it to make a global splash. To make sure your customers actually find your products or services, you will need an excellent SEO translation. Find out why website translation should be made with SEO in mind and what that exactly it involves.

What is SEO and why it is important for website translation

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimisation of websites from the perspective of their position and visibility in, or by, search engines in terms of unpaid listings. The two dominant players on the Czech market are Google and Seznam. But if a foreign-language website is what you are aiming for, you should have the website optimised for search engines like Yahoo or Bing as well.

Increasing the visibility in search engine results within unpaid traffic is not just the result of  localisation alone. The services should include SEO translation with foreign-language analysis of keywords as a cornerstone. It helps translators determine the phrases used most often by your potential customers in relation to your product or service. Once these phrases have been effectively implemented in the texts on your website it will improve UX and the general trustworthiness of the website.

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Website translation is best left to professional translators

Expansion abroad is not necessarily the only reason for foreign-language versions of your website. You may want to offer your products or services to customers living or established in the Czech Republic who do not actually speak Czech. In either case, you should resist the temptation of translating the website using online tools and instead hire a professional. Only an experienced human professional will be familiar with cultural norms, laws, dialects and other traits of the target country audience.

What translators need for SEO translation

Before finally choosing one or more foreign language versions of your website, do not forget to consider all variables and rule out the possibility that any of them could actually be an obstacle to your expansion. First of all, you should have a market and competition analysis done to determine whether it is even feasible to offer services to a foreign audience. As long as no issues are found there, have the following materials ready for the translator:

  • all source files from the source language of the website,
  • content administration access,
  • sitemap with clear structure,
  • glossary of terms to be used consistently in all language versions.

SEO translation step by step

For SEO translations, both content and graphic layout is important. Professionals will optimise the appropriate keywords for the local market and implement them into:

  • headings,
  • texts and metadata (meta tag and meta description)
  • and optimise page and graphic element layout.

Therefore you should always request a native speaker for SEO translations, as they are well aware of cultural traits of the country. What does the process actually entail?

  1. Everything starts with an analysis of the original (source) texts, graphic elements, layout and “technical specifications” of the website.
  2. Then comes the analysis of keywords, which determines the most common inquiries. It will help you determine the words and phrases used by the target audience with respect to your products or services. The keywords already used “at home” are usually irrelevant, as different countries have different habits in Internet user behaviour. Translating keywords just from their original counterparts can have a negative effect on the position in search engine results.
  3. Based on the analysis we can discuss with you the use of the most appropriate keywords. They will be translated and used in the translated texts, headings, sub-headings and metadata.
  4. Colour scheme, website layout and the most suitable placement of the language selection functionality is coordinated with graphic designers for maximum convenience.
  5. Finally we provide native-speaker proofreading and testing prior to launch.

Fast and efficient website translations

We understand that the whole process of website localisation and SEO based translation may seem complicated. Aspena cooperates with experienced translators, copywriters, SEO specialists and proofreaders with vast experience in these areas. We will come up with tailored solutions for your website, e-shop or app to make sure your expansion on foreign markets is not a waste of time with no actual results.

Do you already have a foreign language website without SEO functionalities? SEO translation into English, Spanish, Italian and many other languages can be done subsequently. Do not hesitate to contact us, even for a non-binding offer.


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