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Because Trenkwalder operates both in the Czech Republic and internationally, the company has been looking for a reliable and—above all—flexible partner in the field of translation services.

Same-day translation of contracts and business T&Cs

For over three decades, Trenkwalder has been a trusted partner in the job market. Market leadership in Central Europe, a closely cooperating network of international affiliates, and local expertise of regional markets are some of the reasons why the company has become a strategic partner not only for international conglomerates, but also for SMEs, looking for efficiency and transparency in all processes.

In Trenkwalder’s database you’ll find 200 thousand job-seekers, and the company is currently bringing 50 thousand individuals into contact with 15 thousand businesses. The company operates more than 250 branches in 17 European countries.

Because Trenkwalder operates both in the Czech Republic and internationally, the company has been looking for a reliable and—above all—flexible partner in the field of translation services. They require the rapid and flawless translations of business terms, draft contracts, and other legal, managerial, and financial documents. Translations are sometimes required at short notice—translation turn-around times of one day are nothing exceptional, and target languages might be English, German, Romanian or French.

Trenkwalder care about tradition and experience, and that is why they chose Aspena, who can offer exactly these qualities. In our cooperation together, Trenkwalder appreciates the high quality of services we provide. Of course, adhering to agreed budgets and deadlines is a given, as is the fact that our clients’ original documents are kept safe and secure.


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