Translating all documentation for Bioveta

Bioveta began working with us in 2011. Over the years, they’ve appreciated our ability to provide translations into/from a wide range of languages—from common ones such as English and Russian to those less common, such as Lithuanian, Latvian, Greek, Turkish, Romanian and others.

Translation from Czech to English of 240 standard pages of complete documentation for the product FIPRON

Bioveta is the foremost manufacturer of veterinary, immunobiological and pharmaceutical products in the Czech Republic. Its business provides a wide range of high-quality veterinary products for the veterinary and professional breeding community. The company’s products are sold not only on the Czech market, but they’re currently exported to more than 70 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. As Bioveta’s business activities have continued to expand and develop, so has their demand for translations.

In 2011, Bioveta established a partnership with our translation company. In our work together they particularly appreciate our ability to provide translations into/from a wide range of languages—from common ones such as English and Russian to those less common, such as Lithuanian, Latvian, Greek, Turkish, Romanian and others. The most frequently translated documents are texts for corporate newsletters—leaflets for vaccines, pharmaceuticals, information about news in the sector, etc. During our cooperation, the use of modern translation tools such as Trados has also proved very successful: it ensures translated documents have consistent terminology, and it makes these translations cheaper.

We’ve collaborated on plenty of important projects. One example is the translation from Greek into Czech of a 63-page tender dossier for a public contract, performed in March 2014, while another is the translation from Czech into English of 240 standard pages of complete documentation for the product FIPRON, using the translation tool Trados.

They said this about us: We can recommend cooperation with Aspena to all potential customers looking for a high-quality and flexible vendor offering a wide range of translation, interpreting and localization services.


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