Security requirements Contractor

Technical and Safety Requirements for the contractors/suppliers of Aspena, s.r.o.,
ID 60751185 and ID 35845040, valid and effective from 15 August 2018

These minimum principles of conduct define the principles and requirements of Aspena, s.r.o. for its contractors/suppliers and business partners. Aspena reserves the right to change these requirements. Aspena, s.r.o. reserves the right to terminate cooperation with any contractor/supplier who will not be able to demonstrate that these requirements are being met on its own or by one of its subcontractors.
The contractor/supplier is required to comply with the following conditions:

  1. Do not save translation data into cloud storages apart the below‑mentioned options.
  2. Always save the translation data on an encrypted disk or provide access to the data on the basis of authorization (entering a name and password).
  3. Always encrypt translation data on a portable device (e.g. notebook, flash memory).
  4. Regularly update the software on all devices on which the data is processed or stored.
  5. Install and periodically update the antivirus software on all devices on which data is processed or stored.
  6. Ensure a regularly updated firewall for the network to which the device with translated data is connected.
  7. Only transfer the translation data over the Internet through the following methods: Aspena company e‑mail, and storage,
  8. Do not use cloud services (online translators, speech2text services, etc.) for translating or editing translated data.