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Software and IT

We translate and localize software

The majority of software designers have transnational ambitions for their creations, i.e., generally exceeding the borders of one language. Thanks to our professional translation, you’ll reach a lot more potential customers.

Individual text fields often appear in the program in isolation, and it’s impossible to understand their meaning from the surrounding text on the screen. Our priority, therefore, is to translate each text field so that it’s accurate and clearly understood.

Alongside SW translation, we take care of all related additional documents. User manuals, tutorials and help materials must use the same expressions and terminology as the software; therefore, it’s best to translate all the texts at the same time.

Professional localization means customers never get lost in your software.

The localization process draws together a wide range of complex technical and linguistic activities. First, we perform an analysis of the internal architecture of the software and locate the text for translation. Then we extract the text and unify the terminology and style, while taking into account previous program versions. After translation, we adjust the length of text to match the size of the SW’s control features (buttons, tabs, etc.) to ensure the localized product has good readability and clarity. At the end, we test the localized versions and verify their functionality.

Years of know-how

We have our own special localization department and translate for large multinationals (Avast, Samsung, Sony, Synology and others).


We’re able to find unique solutions for projects that save time and money, while simultaneously ensuring consistent terminology.

Well-defined localization process

By working systematically, no detail escapes our notice.

“One-stop shop”

We offer comprehensive services when translating software or providing voice-overs for instruction videos and manuals.

All languages in one place

We’re able to work in more than 200 language combinations.