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Software and IT

We ensure the translation and localization of your software

The majority of software creators have transnational goals that exceed the borders of one language. Thanks to our professional translation you will reach a lot more potential customers.

Individual text fields often appear in the program on their own and it is not possible to understand their meaning from the surrounding text on the screen. Therefore, we place an emphasis on the accuracy and comprehensibility of the translation of each text field.

Along with the software translation we pay attention to additional documents that are related. User manuals, tutorials and help materials must use the same expressions and terminology as the software; therefore, it is best to translate all texts at the same time.

Thanks to professional localization customers will never get lost in your software.

The localization process includes a wide range of complex technical and linguistic activities. First we perform an analysis of the internal architecture of the software and location of the text for translation, then we extract the text and unify the terminology and style with regards to previous program versions. After the translation we adjust the length of the text depending on the size of the controls for good readability and clarity of the localized product. At the end we will test localized versions and will verify their functionality.

Long-term know-how

We have our own specialized localization department, we translate for large multinational companies (Avast, Samsung, Sony, Synology, etc.) .


We can find unique solutions for projects to save time and money and to ensure consistent terminology.

Specified localization process

Due to systematic work we will not miss any detail.

"One-stop shop"

We provide complex services in the field of software translation, voice-overs for instructional videos, manuals.

All languages in one place

We are able to manage 200 language combinations.