Complete localization of games and multimedia

We localize game titles for consoles, PCs and mobile devices.

Multimedia and games

Complete localization of multimedia: text fields, audio tracks and additional materials

We localize game titles for all gaming platforms. We translate the entire content of a given game—in-game text, dubbing, voice-over, audio tracks, help, user manuals, marketing materials, and other documents.

More and more these days, game designers prefer professional localization solutions over translations performed by the gaming community. The reasons are clear: such solutions offer a number of benefits, notably the consistency of the applied terminology, superior quality, and the comprehensiveness of services—all thanks to using a stable technical and translation team.

One of the specific translation requirements in the gaming industry is knowledge of and familiarity with the specific terminology and environment. Games are frequently set inside a uniquely envisioned and self-defined world, often drawing upon extensive literary work. Sticking to these defined rules, style and terminology is essential for ensuring the quality of a localized product and a prerequisite for its success in the local market.

High-quality and comprehensive localization of all game elements.

Similar to localizing software, game localization includes a wide range of complex technical and linguistic activities. First, we analyze the product’s internal architecture and the locations of the text for translation. Then we extract it and revise the terminology with respect to previous game versions and local language trends. After translation, we test to see whether everything in the game makes sense and is fully functional. Finally, we translate any additional materials.

Comprehensive solutions

We’ll translate text, audio and supplementary materials all as part of a single project.

Stable translation team

The same team of project managers, translators, language and industry experts is always assembled to work on translations. Major world languages. We translate and localize in more than 200 language mutations.

Main world languages

We translate and localize in more than 200 language mutations.

Database of suppliers from the gaming world

We have verified and experienced translators who understand their given field.

Checking and testing

The final product undergoes several stages of checking and testing.

Ensuring consistent terminology and style

Our specialized software ensures consistency throughout an entire game.