Translations for the life sciences

We translate for companies working in the medical, chemical, and bio-tech fields.

Life sciences

GE Medical Systems and Teva Pharmaceuticals can verify that nothing gets “lost in translation”

For GE Medical Systems and Boston Scientific we translate documentation for medical technology, while for Teva Pharmaceuticals we do their package leaflets and other medicine-related materials.

With these kinds of projects it’s always important to know who the target audience of our translations is. Are texts intended for the general public or professionals? Is the use of Latin terms a good idea? Who’s reading the manual for a piece of medical equipment - a nurse, doctor or medical technician? These are just a tiny fraction of the questions that need framing and answering in this field.

Consultations with experts are therefore the crux of any translation project in the life sciences. The terminology must comply with the style of the customer as well as with established nomenclature in the industry.

Language services in fields of expertise that require a special approach.


Translations in the life sciences place a strong emphasis on consistent, professionally established terminology. Simply using a glossary won’t cut it, we also need to work with experts in the relevant field. We’ve been translating materials from the life sciences since 1995—we know the requirements of the sector and advise clients which steps in the translation process need implementing.

We use secure solutions that enable us to maintain consistency of terminology even when working towards tight deadlines with multiple translators busy with the project simultaneously.

Consistency of terminology and style

We’ll ensure that the standard terminology of the sector and the communication style of your company are strictly maintained.

Experience in the field

We have the right linguistic experts and specialists in the field to create the perfect medical translations.

Technical equipment

Thanks to cloud administration processes, express deadlines have zero impact on the quality or consistency of translations.

more than 200 language combinations

Our wide database of verified suppliers enables us to prepare solutions for the entire world.

Project management

We perform every stage of the translation process.