Translations in the fields of life sciences

Life sciences are studies of living organisms. We translate for companies in the medical, chemical or biotechnological field.

GE Medical Systems, Teva Pharmaceuticals or World Health Organization know that we are not getting lost in translation

For company GE Medical Systems and Boston Scientific we translated documentation for medical technology. For World Health Organization we translate studies, research papers and analysis, and for Teva Pharmaceuticals we translate leaflets and other medication materials.

When working on projects it is always important to realize who is the target group of our translations. Are those texts intended for the general public or professionals? Is it suitable to use Latin expressions? Who is going to be using the medical equipment? Nurse, doctor or technician? This is only a fraction of exceptions within this industry.

Consultations with experts is the most crucial part for life science projects. Terminology must comply with the style of the customer as well as with established nomenclature in the industry.

Language services in fields of expertise that require special approach.

Translations for life science projects place a strong emphasis on unified terminology established in the industry. We cannot ensure such only by using glossary but also by cooperation with experts in given field. We have been translating “Life Sciences” since 1995, we know the requirements of the industry and we can advise our customers what steps are really necessary during the process.

We use secure solution that enables us to maintain terminology even during tight deadlines when there is multiple translators working on the project at the same time.

Consistency of terminology and style

We ensure precise adherence to terminology established in the industry as well as style of company’s communication.

Experience in industry

We offer language and field experts for precise medical translations.

Technological equipment

Express delivery deadline will not have impact on the quality and consistency of translations due to cloud process management.

426 language combinations

Broad database of verified vendors enables us to prepare solutions for the whole world.

Project management

We will take care of the entire process of translation.