Our focus is on fast and high-quality performance. Aspena has been in the market since 1995 and knows what specifications are important for customers.


We prepare tailor-made quotes to specific requirements.


Aspena makes every effort to improve the quality of its language knowledge. We collaborate with language experts, proofreaders and make sure that use of technical terminology is consistent.

File Formats

Our translation process involves working with a variety formats - some common, others highly specific. Aspena's IT Department cooperates closely with project teams in managing and processing orders.

Speed and Size

Our database of high-quality, professional translators guarantees our capability to meet all our customers' requirements as to speed and size.

Consistent Terminology and Style

Consistent terminology and style are particularly important for large-scale translations and recurrent projects. Other important factors include processing speed or multilingual translation requirements.


Translations using CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) software are best suited for texts in which formulations and phrases occur repeatedly, or where consistency in the translation of terminology is a priority, as well as for extensive or long-term projects.