We excel:



We have a wealth of experience in over 50 language combinations. We make sure technical terminology is consistent. All our translations are checked in accordance with ISO standards. Linguistic proofreading is done by language experts. We excel in delivering express translations.


Our specialized department is responsible for software, website, portal, multimedia and game localization projects in a wide range of fields such as IT, medical technology and the automotive industry. We use numerous modern CAT technology tools and process data in all available formats.


Our interpreters offer consecutive, simultaneous, telephone and legally certified interpreting. We provide complete interpreting equipment and facilities. Our priorities include expertise, professionalism, experience and thorough preparation. We interpret at business negotiations, trade fairs, conferences, as well as meetings with the highest government officials.

Other services

The range of language services is complemented by linguistic, pre-print and expert proofreading, machine translation and post-editing, desktop publishing, multimedia work and dubbing. Each of these services is provided by a specialized expert team with strong technical support and plenty of experience.