A fundamental principle of the company is to provide comprehensive services and thereby fully satisfy the customer. The company’s policy is to carry on fulfilling customers’ ever increasing requirements at the highest professional level.

Continuous improvement and development are ensured by adhering to the following principles:

    • Company’s Commitment

The Quality System Management in all areas of our company contributes to the systematic and effective management of operations, resulting in a high-quality and competitive service. The implementation, maintenance and constant improvement of quality management serves to satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers, employees and suppliers.

    • Customer Focus

Customer requirements and satisfaction are the essential criteria for determining the quality of our services. A fundamental principle of the company is to provide customers as much opportunity as they need to communicate their needs, requirements and expectations. The company is committed to constantly monitoring market developments and adapting its services to meet market demand.

    • Employee Leadership and Management

The company systematically manages the education of all employees, particularly in foreign languages, computer technology and quality. Aspena prizes its feedback from the motivation and education system. The exact definition of responsibilities and powers, as well as a controlled, transparent and effective information flow, are essential for the good work of employees and their chance to contribute to quality improvement.

    • Selection and Evaluation of Suppliers

The supplier selection system is based on regular testing that is evaluated using multiple categories. Suppliers are evaluated continually on a regular basis to generate results that provide up-to-date information about a supplier’s qualities. Supplier evaluation is based on requirements for expert skills and customer needs and requirements.

    • Increasing the Company’s Prosperity and Stability

The company takes care to ensure that improving internal processes and systematic management lead to financial growth. The core principle is to be a profitable organization and thereby create the means for acquiring new customers and increasing our business potential.