Aspena has several teams within each department, that specialize in different fields. We believe, that only expert project managers in combination with trusted and tested translators can deliver a result that clients expect. Among our thousands of lingvists are experts from every field possible.

The following segments are the most common:

Information technology

Translation of software, hardware, applications and othe IT products that are used by regular consumers as well as enterprises.

Life Sciences

Medical and pharmaceutical translations of devices, packaging and clinical trials where quality and precision is the #1 priority

Mobile, PC and Console Games

Translations in the gaming sector are always the most demanding because passionate players do not forgive any mistake.

Engineering and Indrustrial sector

Manual, instructions and user guides are among the most common in industries such as automotive, aviation, engineering, etc

Marketing, Legal and other fields

Every company has marketing materials or contracts and whenever it decides to export their products or services abroad, Aspena becomes a valuable partner.