We provide consecutive, simultaneous and legally certified interpreting. Our priorities when interpreting include expertise, professionalism, experience and thorough preparation. The interpreter’s task is to help the customer overcome not only the language but also the cultural barrier.

What we provide:

  • Interpreting in numerous language combinations;
  • Linguistic correctness matched with technical accuracy;
  • Interpreting at short notice;
  • An Interpreter in attendance at events abroad;
  • Project management for regular and long-term projects;
  • Suitable number of interpreters, even for major events;
  • Professional preparation of interpreters before interpreting;
  • Technical interpreting facilities.

Professional interpreting at the highest levels requires not only a good interpreter, but also good overall project management. Our experienced project managers attend closely to the linguistic skills, professional expertise and meticulous preparation of the interpreter. We have an extensive database of experienced interpreters. We are ready to provide interpreting based on the demanding requirements of our customers. Our capabilities have been tried and tested many times by providing successful interpreting for multinational organizations, interpreting abroad for several months and interpreting at meetings of the highest government officials.

Our interpreting meets HIGHER STANDARDS.