Each segment has its characteristics. Some require software translations, some word-for-word translations of manuals, but there are common areas that every industry has. Internal correspondence, legal documentation and marketing materials are present in almost every company. And only few companies do not cooperate with foreign partners.

Practises from specific areas have to be carried over when translating promotional materials or legal contracts but the main focus has to be put on the intended purpose of the documents. Legal work must be translated with the rules and commonalities (customs) of a given country and marketing must target the desired audience with a language they understand.

Our fields of expertise:


Selling a product, presenting the findings of research or just building brand recognition are all acts of marketing. Marketing materials must be tailored to the audience that is targeted and this audience is never in just one country. End consumers, businesses and even governments from all around the world have to be reached by a localized message.


Codes of law are quite similar from country to country, but they are never the same. When dealing with treaties, contracts and agreements it is not possible to rely on a simple translation. It is necessary to work with legal experts to determine how the text will be understood in the given country. Business must not suffer due to a bad translation of a contract.

Other fields

Our large database of translators, linguists and experts allows us to carry out first class translations in other, lesser common fields. Lesser common field does not mean lesser quality. Every project we hand off to our customers has to meet the high expextations we place upon ourselves.