Translations tailored to specific customs of the target country.

Localization is a complex process - we translate your content from one language to another and at the same time we adapt it to the language, cultural and other specific customs of the target country.

We make sure that the translations are not just factually correct. We always find out what is the final usage of the translation and in what environment it will be used. Thanks to localization the users will not even know that the source language was not their mother tongue.

What are the localization tools? Various date and time formats, different currency units or change in communication style are the most typical examples. However, localization does not end here. Thanks to localization we can also unify terminology so it is consistent across documentation and software.

Localization with a focus on detail.

Our specialized department for content localization has extensive experience with the management of large-scale localization projects from various fields, such as IT, medical technology, electronics, electrical engineering, automotive industry, finance, and many others.

A project team led by a project manager is assembled for each localization project. Other members of the team include professional translators, reviewers, proof-readers, expert advisers, technical and DTP specialists. Thanks to such an extensive team we will not miss any detail.

Specialized localization department

Project managers with long-term experience from large projects.

Database of vendors in target countries

The environment where the product is going to be used is best known by translators who live there.

Localization is an extension of translation

Localization is not always suitable and needed. We always offer the optimal solution to our customers.

Specialized software

We have the necessary software that works with all formats used.

Established process

We find text in the software, analyse, extract, translate and localize, review, test.

Professional approach

We do not involve customers in the complicated localization process but we directly present the expected result.