Translation (localization) process

We’re adept at setting up translation and localization processes

First off, we can extract text from any format. For each content type we choose the best program to prepare the text for further processing. Next, we pick out from the text words or expressions that we want to put in a glossary, i.e., to create a database of those specialist words and phrases that need to be consistently replicated across software, manuals, hardware and websites.

We translate using CAT tools as well as cloud translation memory, thereby ensuring maximum consistency of the terminology and style. We’re proficient at using a wide range of translation programs—you can be sure we’ll choose the right one for your project. Do you already have an established system that suits your needs? We’ll learn how to use it and make it better.

The result will be checked and tested in a real environment. The product we deliver is final and complete. We’ll never drag you unnecessarily into the process, but we will happily explain to you each and every step.

We evaluate your requirements and set up the ideal translation process.


Talk to most people about processes and they’ll start to yawn and rub their eyes. Not us. We always carefully chose an approach that’s suitable for a given project and will lead to the best results.

Extraction, analysis, special translation software, cloud translation memory, machine translation and testing. These are just a few of the services that accompany the process and help to ensure perfect translations.

Comprehensive solutions

We’ll translate text, audio and supplementary materials all as part of a single project.

more than 200 language combinations

Our wide database of verified suppliers enables us to prepare solutions for the entire world.

Project management

We perform every stage of the translation process.

Ensuring consistent terminology and style

Our specialized software ensures consistency throughout an entire game.

Extracting text from any format

Depending on what the customer wants, every day we find ourselves working in hundreds of different programs. We get text from every source imaginable.

Checking and testing

The final product undergoes several stages of checking and testing.