Translation and localization? We will help you

Based on your needs we will offer you the optimal solution to help you become understood by customers anywhere in the world.

Translation and localization

We make sure your content is understandable. In every country, in every language.

Translation itself is never the only service in our process. We approach each customer individually. We will discuss requested language combinations, delivery dates, final usage and other attributes. For some projects it is appropriate to use specialized translation software, create a terminology database or accommodate text to language, cultural and other specific customs of the target country.

We willfind out all of the information needed and will pick the optimal solution for its content. We will explain all the requisites clearly and comprehensively and prepare professionally localized content.

A complex translation-localisation process can include, besides the translation itself, also the analysis and extraction of text, glossary creation, unification and revision of terminology, linguistic, technical and contextual proofreading, testing, validation, and preprint proofreading.

We will find the optimal localisation solution for each and every project.

You do not need to be a content specialist or expert on translations. We will guide you through the whole process till the final result.

Through well-chosen questions we will find out all necessary information and will offer a solution that is optimal for your project. We will ensure that the project is submitted within the given deadline and set budget.


We have decades long experience with language services. We have managed all kinds of projects: from one-off to several-years-long cooperation.

Project team

Each project is managed by a project team that will ensure adherence to deadlines and budgets.

Complete offer of services

We provide translations, prepare glossaries, ensure proofreading, localization of audio and video content, validation and review.

200 language combinations

We work in fifty major languages and their combinations.