File formats

We work with standard as well as less common file formats

Everyone works in the format that suits them best. Even though this leads to a multiplicity of different file formats, the customer needn't worry—we're ready to accept whatever formats are given to us. To ensure maximum customer convenience, we’ve set up technology that allows us to deal with any incoming text by converting it into a "supported" format. Whatever the format, whether it’s .doc (Microsoft Word), XML, INDD (Adobe InDesign) or .rar (Rar Archive), it’s all the same to us.

Formats matching customer requirements.


Every day we work with dozens of different file formats. We’re technically ready to process any format that contains text. We extract the text, translate it, and hand it back to the customer in whatever format they desire.

Technical capacity

If it contains text, we can deal with it—whatever the format.

Formats determined by the customer

The customer themselves can determine the input and output formats, or we’ll advise which format would be the most suitable.

Project management

The customer needn’t worry about the format in which they hand over their source materials. Our project managers and IT department will sort everything out.

more than 200 language combinations

We provide translations in any of more than 200 language combinations.