File formats

We work with common as well as less common file formats

Everyone works with formats that suit their needs the best. That leads to a large number of various file formats. Clients should not worry about what formats their translation agency works with and how they convert texts into the “supported” format.

In order to offer the most comfort for our clients, we created a technology background that can deal with any format. Does not matter if it’s .doc (Microsoft Word), XML, INDD (Adobe InDesign) or .rar (Rar Archive), we can handle any file.

Formats according to customer requirements.

Every day we work with dozens of different file formats. We are technologically ready for any file containing text. We extract the text, translate it and deliver it to the client in the desired format.

Technology background

We are prepared for any format.

Client determines the formats

The customer can determine the input and output format or we can advise on which format is the most suitable.

Project management

Customers do not need to worry about what format the material submitted is in. Experienced project managers and the IT department will deal with any obstacles.

200 language combinations

Not only any format, but also any combination.