Expert terminology

We have extensive databases of translators, linguists and other professionals

Our large databases of suppliers are buzzing with translators, linguists and other professionals, all of whom are regularly tested. For example, medical translations naturally require different translators and consultants than software translations. But whatever the topic, you can be sure we’ll create a team comprising the most appropriate specialists for your translation.

Specialist translation and interpreting place high demands not only on the linguistic knowledge of the translator, but also on their knowledge of a given field. So in order to guarantee a high-quality translation, we provide you with a specialist editor to check the terminology used in the translation. The goal of this process is to ensure perfect terminology and the appropriate use of specialist discourse.

In specialist translations it is not only important to use expert terminology correctly, but also to ensure its consistency. We have at our disposal an array of tools to ensure consistent terminology. Each project is assessed on merit, and a solution that optimally combines these tools is subsequently proposed.

Consistent professional terminology


Editing by experts to check the correct usage of terminology is an essential part of translation. That is why we make sure our database includes not only high-quality translators, but also specialists in any given field.

Our experienced project team will steer your project to flawless completion. The project manager sets out the terminology and style to bind the team, and makes sure every team member is familiar with the requirements. Another tool for securing consistent terminology is the extraction and subsequent importing of expert terminology, i.e., the standard language for the relevant sector, into the CAT tool, or else compiling a customized glossary.

Extensive database

We have an extensive database of translators, linguists and other professionals.

Project management

Our project managers will look after every aspect of your project. Thanks to extensive experience with projects in other fields, we’ll offer you effective services and proven procedures.

Consistency of terminology and style

We ensure that the communication style of your company and the standard terminology of the sector is strictly maintained.

Technical equipment

To achieve the consistent use of terminology, we use the very latest tools, such as CAT software tools.