Professional terminology

We have extensive databases of translators, linguists and other professionals

We have extensive databases of translators, linguists and professionals who are undergoing regular testing. For example, medical translations require different translators and advisors than software translations. However, you can be sure we will create a team of the most suitable specialists for your translation.

Technical translations and interpretations place high demands not only on the linguistic knowledge of the translator but also on his knowledge in a given field. In order to ensure the high quality of the translation, we will provide professional proofing for you which includes a check of the terminology used in the translation. The goal of this process is to ensure the flawless usage of terminology and appropriate usage of technical expressions.

During technical translations it is important not only to use correctly professional terminology but also to ensure its uniformity. We offer an array of tools to ensure uniform terminology, each project is assessed individually and an optimal solution is subsequently offered.

Uniform professional terminology.

Professional proofreading, ensuring the correct usage of terminology, is an essential part of the translation. That is why we make sure that our database includes not only high quality translators but also specialists in a given industry.

Our experienced project team will ensure the flawless progress of your project. The responsible project manager will determine binding terminology and style and will ensure their distribution among individual members of the translation team.

Extensive database

We have an extensive database of translators, linguists and specialists.

Project management

Experienced project managers will take care of the complete management of your project. Thanks to experience from many technical projects we offer efficient services and proven procedures.

Consistency of terminology and style

We ensure precise adherence to the established style of the company’s communication as well as the style of technical terminology.

Technical equipment

To achieve uniform terminology we use the most modern tools, such as software CAT tools.