We look after the design and page layout of a translation

Translation of the text itself forms only one aspect of an order. The other concerns the editing of diagrams, illustrations or graphs whose contents must correspond to the relevant language version. If an illustration contains text, it has to be exported, translated and put back so that any graphic modifications implemented during translation are impossible to spot.

With the help of CAT tools, a design studio and an experienced project team, we provide a complete and final layout for all documents. The output received from us requires no additional modification—saving you time and money.

DTP and graphics modifications are especially important for marketing materials, instructions and manuals, as well as for company presentations.

DTP by professionals.

We draw upon our expert knowledge of most professional DTP programs, such as Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXpress, InterLeaf and Adobe InDesign.

Cooperation between our own DTP experts and a professional design studio enables us to produce translations with a complete and final layout. We also print—even at high volumes—in the required quality, using the right technology and materials.

Experienced project team

Our project managers design optimal solutions for every type of project.

Internal and external graphic designers

We have a team that’s broad enough to ensure a perfect result.

Any format

We work with common formats—and their less typical cousins. Since 1995 we’ve completed countless graphic design and DTP projects.

Use of CAT tools

The use of CAT tools also often helps with DTP, since they set the text into the same type-setting as the original document.