We provide the graphic processing of translations

Text translation often forms only part of the order. The other part consists of corrections of schemes, pictures or graphs whose content must match the correct language mutation. If there is text in the picture, it needs to be exported, translated and reinserted in a way so the user cannot tell graphic edits were made.

Using CAT tools, graphic studio and an experienced project team we will provide the complete and final graphic editing of all documents. Our output will not need to be further edited and you will save time and money.

Graphic editing and DTP are important mainly for marketing materials, instructions and manuals, but also for company presentations.

DTP and graphics from professionals.

We use the expertise of most professional DTP programs such as Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXpress, InterLeaf and Adobe InDesign.

Cooperation of our graphic experts with professional graphic studio enables us to create translations with complete and final graphic design including printing, even in large quantities, of the desired quality, technology and used materials.

Experienced project team

Project managers will suggest the optimal solution for any project.

Internal and external graphic designers

Our team of experts will ensure the desired result.

Any format

We work with traditional and less traditional formats. Since 1995 we have managed countless graphic projects.

Using CAT tools

Graphic editing can be often supported by the use of CAT tools to fit the text into the original composition of the source document.