CAT tools

CAT tools offer a wide range of benefits

Computer supported translations are not automatic translations known from an internet translation program. These are programs that support the work of real, professional translators.

Through the software the translator has access to the customer-approved glossary and unique translation memory with information on how the phrases were translated in previous projects. Of course the system eliminates typos and mistakes in the same way as classic text editors (i.e. Microsoft Word)

These CAT tools contribute to more efficient project management and the final result is of a higher quality thanks to consistent terminology.

We work with a wide range of CAT tools.

There are dozens of CAT programs, each with different advantages and benefits. We analyse each translation project and then select the optimal CAT software.

By using CAT products we can offer you the translation of documents processed not only in MS Office Word formats, but also in applications - such as Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXpress, InDesign, or Interleaf. This eliminates the need  for new rates for documents created in these applications. Based on our experience we can offer you translation using CAT tools such as SDL Trados, SDLX, MemoQ, Transit, Across, and others.

Higher efficiency and quality

CAT tools make translation projects better and more efficient.

Uniform terminology

Use of glossary terms and translation memory.

Maintaining graphic form

CAT programs work with the source files and preserve the graphics of the original documents.

Work with various CAT tools

We will offer the usage of the optimal CAT tool or we will work in the solution of your choice.