Language, industry, preprint proofreading and in-context review

After analysis of needs we will offer you solution containing necessary proofreading for given project.

Language proofreading is a basic linguistic check of the translation. Proof-reader works with original text and translation at the same time and focuses on the grammar of the translation. The goal is for the final translation not to have any linguistic mistakes.

Professional proofreading will check the professional terminology used in the translation by the proof-reader who is an expert in given field. The goal is to ensure flawless usage of terminology, appropriate usage of professional expressions. In cooperation with the client we apply terminological glossary in order to define established terms.

Preprint proofreading is needed for text designed for publishing or reproduction. We correct the entire text and review graphic editing (polygraph proofing).

In-context review is proofing that compares meaning of the translation with source text after we receive the text complemented by images and other visual documentation.

Proofreading from linguistic and industry experts.

We are trying to avoid the possibility of errors. Therefore our processes are setup in a way to eliminate any deficiencies in the final product. Proofreading is performed by regularly tested vendors, language and given industry experts.

We will always offer you optimal solution for your translation including all proofing methods. We will explain benefits of given solution and then we will ensure to provide you with the best result

426 language combinations

Translation, interpretation and proofreading is performed in all major language combinations.

All types of proofing

Language, industry, preprint proofreading, in-context review, post-editing.

Selecting the correct proofing

Each project requires different proofing. Manual for nuclear physicist requires different proofing than manual for end user.

Project management

We ensure compliance with agreed deadlines and budgets.