Dubbing and multimedia

We offer subtitling, dubbing or voice-over for all multimedia content

The use of multimedia online content continues to rise exponentially. We offer the following services in this area:

  • transcription into text from original audio recordings, assuming no source text exists
  • translation of text contained in a video presentation—extraction of original text and insertion of translation, including graphic modifications
  • dubbing, with an output quality matching customer requirements or delivered reference samples. We offer customers the opportunity to choose a suitable voice actor from our wide-ranging database of voice talents.
  • recording images or video from a localized or translated version of a software product in order to edit them into a multimedia presentation
  • audio/video postproduction—implementation of all sub-parts into the final multimedia presentation, including synchronization and creating outputs in the required quality and format

We can prepare professional voice-overs or subtitles from a transcript.

With the support of our technical department, an external studio and voice talents for most of the main world languages, we can put together a high-quality multimedia presentation in many languages. All this while taking into account the required output formats and the customer’s specific technical requirements.

Database of external sound studios

We work with tested and experienced suppliers to ensure perfect audio and video results.

Subtitles and dubbing

We provide professional solutions for multimedia content.

Comprehensive services

We offer all language services under one roof.

Translation and localization of additional materials

Our work doesn’t end with dubbing. We’ll translate all marketing, legal and other documents.

Speed and flexibility

We provide solutions within the deadlines you set, and we don’t overstep the agreed budget.