Uniform terminology and style for better clarity and comprehensibility

In some fields (for example in marketing) the usage of synonyms and circumlocution can come in very handy. In translations of engineering or life sciences the creativity of the translator is not admissible. All strings have to be translated according to the agreed glossary and expressions not specified in the dictionary must maintain the uniform form and established terminology of given industry.

It is not possible for the text to be incomprehensible to the reader, or to use terms that are grammatically correct but do not use the words that are introduced and used in that language. Such materials do not appear professional and the end user will be confused.

Uniform terminology due to proven processes.

The usage of translation memories, terminological glossaries and translators and proof-readers from a given field of expertise will ensure terminology that is uniform, understandable and well-established in the industry.

Project managers always select the optimal solution for given project. Together with the client we will agree on terms in the glossary that will be binding for the translators. The translation memory will get fuller with each project and therefore each following project will become more and more consistent.

Using technology

CAT tools and translation memories help with the uniformity of the terminology.

Vendors from the industry

The translators themselves are experts in the given industries and therefore they are familiar with well-established terminology.


The client-approved dictionary will ensure not only uniformity, but also the translation of terms according to specific requirements.

Project management

Will ensure the selection of optimal tools and vendors. This also ensures meeting all deadlines and budgets.