Consistency of terminology and style

Consistent terminology and style for better clarity and comprehensibility

In some fields (e.g., marketing), the use of synonyms and more figurative speech is perfectly suitable. This does not apply, however, to engineering or the life sciences, when any literary license on the part of the translator is rightly frowned upon. All strings must be translated according to the agreed glossary, and any expressions not specified in the dictionary must maintain the uniformity of the text and comply with the established terminology of the industry in question.

The reader must always have confidence in the text—it’s not enough for a translator to use certain terms grammatically; these industry-specific terms must be authentically rooted and applied in the translated text in exactly the same way as they are used and recognized daily within the target language. If materials are suitably professional, the reader will trust the content and the content provider.

Consistent terminology thanks to proven processes.


By using translation memories, terminological glossaries as well as translators and editors with the relevant expertise, we ensure that terminology is consistent, understandable and standard within the industry concerned.

Project managers always select the optimal solution for any given project. We go through glossary terms with the client. Once agreed, these are then binding for the translator(s). The translation memory gets fuller with every project and therefore each following project becomes more and more consistent.

Use of technology

CAT tools and the use of translation memory contributes to terminological consistency.

Suppliers from the field

Our translators are experts in their field and are fluent in the relevant terminology.


A customer-approved glossary ensures not only uniformity, but also that terminology is translated according to specific requirements.

Project management

This ensures the selection of the optimal tools and suppliers, and also that the project will be delivered on-budget and on-time.