Certified translations

We provide the translation of documents with a judicial verification for you

Extracts from the Commercial Register, court decisions, full powers of attorney, notarial records, or medical reports... these are examples of documents that might require a specific type of translation performed by a court translator. It serves the needs of courts, administrative bodies, companies in business but also citizens when submitting various factual data recorded in official documents, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Judicial translation is tied to the original document or to a notarized copy of the original. We arrange for you not only the certified translation but also any necessary notarial verification of the original within the service provided.

We also manage the judicial certification process of a translation that you may have first requested as a regular translation first, but later found out that you need it to be done with a judicial validation.

Do you have a document but are not sure if translation with judicial certification is needed? Our project managers will assess the use of the document and will recommend a solution.

Certified translations of the highest quality.

In translations with judicial certification we put an emphasis on accuracy and special terminology. A translation certified by a court fully matches the original text of the original document, therefore for these translations we select experienced court translators, real experts in their given discipline.

Among other things, we provide you with a notary verification and super-legalisation of the document. You can take care of everything in one place, without undue delay.


We have an extensive network of high-quality court translators.


We offer regular and express deadlines. We react fast and without delay.

Complexity of service

We provide not only judicially certified translations, but also any additional services such as a notarial certification of the document.