Translations are only the beginning

Offered language services are not limited only to translations, localization and interpretation.

We also offer proofreading, court translations and dubbing

The range of language services is very broad. Translation, localization and interpretation are base for everything what we manage; however, without further steps we could not offer a complex solution. Proofreading is an integral part of translation process and without this step translations could not be published. The basis for dubbing is also translation but without text transcription and subsequent recording this service would not be complete.

We translate in 426 language combinations using the newest technology tools that can ensure both professional terminology and uniformity of translated strings. We translate websites as well as official document requiring “round stamp”

In case of language services we will gladly serve you and thanks to more than twenty years of experience we know how to meet deadlines and budget even for non-traditional projects

We implement all language services just as responsibly.

We always prepare for clients the optimal solution that will satisfy his needs. Our client does not need to know exactly what services will his need inquiry require. Project managers know the best what steps will be needed and what shall be the final result.

We will explain all services in suggested solution to the client, communicate why they are necessary and what will be the result. We do not involve the client in complicated translation processes and we will ensure meeting deadlines and budgets.


Proofreading will ensure great language and expert result.

Court translations

Translations from court interpreter will be needed when communicating with state authorities.

Website localization

Presentations to the entire world are translated in such way to conform with rules of given country.

DTP and graphic editing

We ensure the same appearance of documents across all language mutations.


Audio or video recording into 50 different languages.

Project management

We will meet set deadline and budget thanks to experienced project managers.