Professional and technical consecutive interpretation

Interpretation that follows during pausing of a speaker is called consecutive. This type of interpretation is suitable for smaller groups and for smaller number of foreign languages.

We will offer an optimal solution for a consecutive interpretation anywhere in the world. Our database of professional interpreters built over decades will ensure a smooth course of your business meeting in all major language combinations.

Consecutive interpretation is ideal for business meeting, training session, highly technical meetings, business dinners, and business trips.

If necessary, we will provide consecutive interpretation at the court which is necessary for court proceedings or wedding. Court interpreter needs to be registered in a list of experts and interpreters of given country. He has to be independent and must ensure that the client understands everything.

Project team and professional interpreters for a smooth interpretation.

Each project of consecutive interpretation is managed by a project team. The team will provide suitable interpreter for given meeting or appointment. We will take care of all necessities related to the project, such as travel, accommodation or interpretation technology.

We have carried out interpretation for company Unilever in French city of Dijon. Over the period of 8 weeks 3 of our interpreters participated in a training session focused on the field of technology, food industry and chemistry. In Swedish city Malmo we carried out interpretation into Swedish for 15 representatives of Czech regional self-government. The topic of the lectures was the social-labour-legal issues of integration of foreigners.

Combination of major world languages

We are able to carry out interpretation in dozens of language combinations.

Interpretation without borders

We will provide interpretation in France, Netherlands, Sweden, and USA.

Sufficient number of qualified interpreters with industry knowledge

Project management

We assemble and carry out the entire project according to customer’s needs.

Ability to solve client’s requirements fast and in a flexible way