We’ll help you interpret for small business meetings as well as carry out more extensive interpreting with the use of interpreting technology.


Understanding and being understood—that’s what Aspena provides

We interpret for every kind of occasion. Whether it’s a business negotiation between two SMEs, a training session, out on the manufacturing floor, or a meeting between experts on a highly specialized topic (consecutive), or it’s for conferences, lectures, presentations and other events with large numbers of participants (simultaneous).

We always select the interpreter for a particular project based on his or her experience and specialization, and you can always rely on their professionalism. We want the interpreter to become an integral and effective part of your business meeting and contribute to its successful outcome.

We also provide remote interpreting. Do you need to call abroad? Or interpret a video conference? Our project managers will take care of everything. In court or at the notary’s office? We’ll be happy to find you a court interpreter. During the selection process, we emphasize accuracy and knowledge of legal terminology.

If you’re not sure which type of interpretation to choose, our experienced project managers will help guide you to the right decision, and put together the appropriate solution.

Interpreting with project management

Whenever we provide interpreting, we first listen carefully to your requirements. We cooperate with real specialists—experts in their field—and we pair their expertise to fit your requirements.

You can rely on us to seamlessly manage the whole interpretation project. We’ll take care of all accompanying services—providing interpreting equipment or translating additional materials. We’ll keep you informed regarding the progress of the job, but we won’t overburden you with detail. Our experienced project managers will look after every necessity.

Interpreting tailored to your requirements

We’ll find out what sort of interpreting you have in mind and offer you the most suitable solution.

Speed and flexibility

We know that your time is expensive. Which is why we bring you fast services and respond immediately.

We provide a complete service

We arrange all the accompanying services, like providing interpreting technology or translating related materials.

Meeting budgets and deadlines

We plan your interpretation with precision and effectively manage it using our project managers.


We interpret all kinds of fields, including highly specialized ones like medicine, technology and law.

With a mass of experience we relish new challenges

Among other projects, we provided simultaneous interpreting at a World Athletics Championships for three hundred athletes into 4 European languages. We ran the project over the entire weekend and the job went perfectly.