We will help you organize interpretation of a small business meeting as well as more extensive interpretation with the use of interpretation technology.

We ensure everyone understands you

We ensure interpretation for all of your occasions. May it be small business meeting, training, in the assembly hall, during highly specialized expert sessions (consecutive) or for conference, lecture, presentation or other events with larger number of participants (simultaneous).

We always select the interpreter for a particular project based on his experience and specialty, however, you can always rely on his professional approach. We want the interpreter to become part of your business meeting and to contribute to its successful course.

We also provide remote interpretation. Do you need to call abroad? Interpretation during video conference? Our project managers will take care of the complete implementation. At court or at notary’s office we will be happy to find you a court interpreter. During the selection process we put emphasis on accuracy and knowledge of legal terminology.

If you are not sure when choosing the appropriate type of interpretation, our experienced project managers will help you get your bearings in given matters and will offer appropriate solution.

Interpretation with project management.

When executing interpretation we listen to your requirements. We cooperate with quality specialists who are suitable for your order due to their specialization and are knowledgeable in given industry.

You can completely rely on us to manage the interpretation project. We take care of all additional services such as providing interpretation technology or translation of additional materials. We will continuously inform you regarding the process of execution, but we will not bother you. Our experienced project managers will take care of everything necessary.

Interpretation “tailored” to your requirements

We will find out what do you expect from interpretation service and will offer you the most suitable solution.

Speed and flexibility

We know your time is expensive. Therefore, we offer fast services and react without delay.

We offer a complete service.

We take care of all additional services such as providing interpretation technology or translation of additional materials.

Adherence to budgets and deadlines.

We will plan your interpretation exactly and will manage it efficiently thanks to project managers.


We interpret various industries including highly specialized fields such as medicine, technology or law.

We have extensive experience and are not afraid of new challenges

Among other things, we provided a simultaneous interpretation in four European languages during Track and Field World Championships for three hundreds of participants. The flawless process took place during one weekend.