Translation, localization, interpreting, editing, dubbing and DTP…

We offer the complete range of language services to provide our customers with everything they need.

The language service industry is worth over 40 billion USD each year. Translations and interpreting account for 75% of this value. The world is becoming global, and it’s very likely that language services will be increasingly sought as a prerequisite for successful expansion abroad.

Simple language services—easy to understand.

We find out the needs of each customer and adapt our translation process accordingly. We’re experts who always recommend the optimal solution, one that will satisfy the customer’s input requirements.

Our project teams have the necessary know-how and experience to excel at all the services we offer. Our pre-set procedures will ensure the seamless execution of an order and adherence to the deadline and budget.

We deliver our services in more than 200 language combinations, in 80 different fields, and within tight deadlines.

Translation and localization

We’re ready to advise you whether you just need a translation, or localization too.


We provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, as well as court and telephone interpreting.

Language services

Without language services like editing, dubbing and DTP, translations are often incomplete.

Project team

We’ll advise you what services you’ll need for a particular project and check to ensure it’s delivered on-budget and on-time.