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Almost 3 billion people worldwide use smartphones. That means almost 3 billion potential customers.

Mobile applications

We offer solutions for mobile app developers from around the world

Translating mobile apps is a very recent discipline—the first mobile app businesses only started in July 2008. Since then, developers have created over 5 million apps. Allied with the fact that there are almost 3 billion smart phone users, this market segment appears extremely exciting from a business perspective.

The translation and localization of an application is one of the key features that decides its success or failure. Users want to use apps that speak to them in a language they love and understand. That’s the simple truth.

Application translations have many specific steps that need strictly following to achieve optimal results. Apps don’t have a lot of text. This is why, if we want to retain the exact meaning, paying close attention to choosing each word correctly is so essential. A straightforward example: if the word “Start” is used in the sense of launching the app, then we can’t translate the word as the English equivalent of “Beginning”.

Translated applications subsequently undergo testing to check whether the result is appropriate for the given market and whether text is properly displayed. If the translated text is too long and does not fit the allotted space, a different expression needs to be chosen or the app’s appearance needs to be modified. Testing and review by users in a given market is the most crucial step for ensuring optimal results.

Comprehensive solutions, including testing in the given market.

Besides translation, our localization process includes a wide range of other technical and linguistic activities. First, we extract the text and prepare it for translation. Then we analyze it in order to unify the terminology and style of translation. We revise the terminology with regard to the sector as well as the language trends and customs of the target language. Next follows the translation itself, with all the necessary levels of editing and proofreading. Afterwards, we perform a visual review to ensure the page is correctly displayed.


We've translated countless mobile apps—both large and small. Large multi-platform apps with millions of users, to smaller apps intended for internal use.

Comprehensive, worry-free service

We export the text from the application and re-import the translated version. This preserves all the hidden tags, which would otherwise be “lost in translation” if the text was simply copied.

Revision of text

We revise the text with respect to the customs of the target language.

Visual check on final appearance

We check to ensure that none of the text in the application is too long to fit inside the relevant text field; if it is, we make modifications to ensure it matches the resulting space.

Long-term cooperation after project completion

Whenever we translate new content for clients, we ensure that all previously used terminology is retained.

Any format

Our specialized translation tools are a match for any format type.