Mobile applications in native languages

Almost 3 billions of people worldwide use a smart phone. That is almost 3 billions of potential customers.

Mobile Applications

We offer solutions for the developers of mobile applications from around the world.

Mobile applications and their translation is a very recent field, because the first businesses with mobile applications started only in July 2008. Since then developers have created over 5 million applications. Together with the fact that there is almost 3 billion users of smart phones, this market segment appears to be very interesting from a business perspective.

The translation and localization of applications is one of the most important features that decides the success or failure of the application. Users want to use applications in a language close to their heart and one they understand the best. That’s a fact.

Application translations have many specific steps that need to be adhered to for optimal results. There is not much text in applications, therefore it is not necessary to put much emphasis on the proper selection of each word in order to maintain the exact meaning. If the word “Start” conveys the meaning of launching the application, the word cannot be translated as “Beginning”.

Translated applications also undergo testing that has the goal to check if the result is appropriate for the given market and if the text displays in the right place. If the translated text is too long and does not fit into the space, a different expression needs to be selected or the application needs to be adjusted. Testing and review by the user in a given market is the most crucial step for ensuring optimal results.

Complex solutions including testing in the given market.

Besides the translation itself, our localisation process includes a wide range of other technical and linguistic activities. First, we extract the text and prepare for translation. Then we analyse it in order to unify the terminology and style of the translation. We revise the terminology with regard to the industry and language trends and customs of target language. Followed by the translation itself with all necessary proofing methods. Afterwards, a visual review is performed that ensures the proper display.


We have translated countless number of mobile applications. Large multi-platform applications with millions of users or applications designed for internal use.

Carefree and complete service

We export the text from the application and then import it back after translation. Including hidden tags that would “get lost in translation” by a simple copy function.

Text revision

We revise terminology with regard to the customs of the target language.

Visual check of the final display

We find out if any text in the website is too long for a given text field, and if needed we adjust it to fit perfectly in the final space.

Long-term cooperation after the project is over

We offer our clients the translation of new content while maintaining the terminology used.

Any format

Using specialised translation tools will help us with any format.