There are no additional charges, which means that the quoted price is final. The Quick Enquiry form enables you to enter your requirements for translation, interpreting, localization and other services.


  • Offer you the best possible conditions and discounts;
  • Suggest other services suitable for your order;
  • Specify the final and fixed unit price;
  • Specify the unit price for each item separately (e.g. translation, linguistic proofreading, DTP, pre-print proofreading);
  • Offer considerable discounts on any repeated text in a translation.

 Unit Prices

The following units are used for billing translations and proofreading:

  • Standard Page (SP) – 1,800 strokes (according to MS WORD - 1,800 characters and spaces);
  • Physical Page (PP) – one document page to be translated into another language or otherwise processed, regardless of the size and amount of text on the page;
  • Certified translation unit = PP (official document page) or SP (if the physical page contains more than 1,800 characters and spaces);
  • Word – a character or a character sequence separated by spaces.

The following units are used for billing interpreting:

  • Hour – each commenced hour;
  • ½ Day – more than one hour, but a maximum of 4 hours;
  • Day - more than 4 hours, but a maximum of 8 hours.

 Methods of Payment

You can pay for our services using different methods. Choose for yourself the one that suits you best:

  • Cash payment – at any of our offices;
  • Cash on delivery – a translation sent by post is paid in cash to the postman/woman;
  • Payment card – at any of our offices. We accept the following payment cards: EC/MC, Maestro, VISA, Diners;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Paypal – Internet payment system;
  • Moneybookers – Internet payment system;
  • Cheques.


Our customers can benefit from the following discounts:

  • New customer discount - customers can take advantage of this discount when placing their first order with Aspena;
  • Customer discount - regular customers can receive a discount on the entire portfolio of services we provide. We can guarantee this discount in our contract with the customer;
  • Quantity discount - we offer a one-off discount on major projects. We always offer you the discount in the quote for your specific demand;
  • Discount on repeated text – repeated text in translations processed using CAT tools is given a 70% discount;
  • Season discount – this discount is offered to customers on various occasions, usually during advertising or sponsorship events - always announced in advance;
  • Discount with a satisfaction survey – long-standing customers annually receive an attractive discount as part of our satisfaction survey.