Our customers particularly appreciate the following benefits our language services offer:


  • Translations into Slovenian with a consistent use of technical terminology
  • Delivery of translations into Slovenian within tight 24-hr deadlines
  • Option to choose a direct combination of translations in Slovenian with any of 50 languages
  • Option to consult an Slovenian-speaking translator at any of our branch offices
  • Option to provide the same translator for all assigned translations into Slovenian
  • Significant cost savings with translations into Slovenian using CAT tools
  • Preparation of graphic materials in Slovenian


  • Localization into Slovenian managed by an experienced team including a specialist in the given area of expertise
  • Adaptation to cultural and other norms and practices of the Slovenian environment
  • Years of experience in softwarewebsite and games localization into Slovenian
  • Appropriate use of CAT tools for localization into Slovenian
  • Applying the latest trends for localization projects into Slovenian


  • Interpreting into Slovenian by a specialist in the given area of expertise
  • Complete coverage of the whole project, including interpreting equipment
  • Suitable number of interpreters from/into Slovenian
  • Multiple-day interpreting abroad from/into Slovenian
  • Thorough study of related materials before the interpreted event
  • Short notice provision of an interpreter into/from Slovenian