Consistent terminology and style are particularly important for large-scale translations and recurrent projects. Other important factors include processing speed or multilingual translation requirements. This situation occurs, for example, when documentation has to be updated in line with product innovation.

Uniform translation style and terminology are ensured using the following tools in a variety of combinations:

    • Language style and terminology coordinator

The coordinator is responsible for specifying the obligatory terminology and style, at the same time incorporating customer requirements. He or she then distributes these standards to translation team members and subsequently checks to ensure their proper use.

    • Terminology management

This involves extracting frequently used terms and phrases from the source text, translating them in consultation, before recommending standard technical terms. Importing approved terminology to translation tools and terminology databases then enables a consistent translation.

    • Recommended style guide for translations

Translation style guides and set phrases in the target language, which incorporate usage in the given field and customer requirements, can either be created or adopted directly from the customer.