Our experts have exceptional knowledge of the specific language and are highly proficient in linguistic disciplines such as grammar, stylistics and syntax.

  • Linguistic proofreading

A linguistic proofreading of the translation is a check carried out on the translated text by a translator, a proofreader. It uses a bilingual perspective to re-examine the target language content and compare it to the source.

  • Pre-print proofreading

Pre-print proofreading is a typographic check before printing or publishing the translated text. The focus here is on checking that certain typographic conventions of the language in question are followed, and to correct any formatting issues, separation of words and typos, etc. which may occur when a text is being typeset.

  • Independent Linguistic Proofreading

Independent linguistic proofreading is an assessment of the linguistic qualities of a translation that was not produced by Aspena. Translation quality is evaluated according to precisely specified metrics/error categories and error severity. Aspena’s own internal metrics or those stipulated by the customer are used.