With support from the technical department, an external audio studio and voice actors for most major world languages, we can create and produce high-quality translations/localizations of multimedia presentations. This is all achieved within the output formats and specific technical requirements set by customers.

The main multimedia services in our portfolio are:

  • Transcription of texts from the original audio recording when the source text is not available;
  • Translation of texts contained in a video presentation - including text extraction, translation and re-insertion with graphic editing;
  • Dubbing with output quality to match customer requirements or corresponding to supplied reference samples; our customers can also choose a suitable voice actor from our voice source database;
  • Scanning an image/video from the localized/translated version of the software product to place it within in a multimedia presentation;
  • Extraction and translation of subtitles, subsequent creation of the final subtitle version in the required format, with its incorporation into the final multimedia presentation;
  • Audio/video post-production consisting of integrating all parts into the final multimedia presentation, including audio/video synchronizing, creating output in the required quality according to technical requirements of the customer.