We offer the following specific services:


Proofreading is editing or correction of errors in a translated text. Our experts have exceptional knowledge of the specific language and are highly proficient in linguistic disciplines such as grammar, stylistics and syntax.

Machine translation and post-editing

Machine translation is one of the fastest developing areas in the translation and localization industry. We are constantly monitoring and analysing new trends and the direction of technological development in this field, a field which is transforming our industry.


Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP) is an inherent part of translation and localization services. No matter how good the translation is, even a small typographic mistake or poor text layout can have a significant impact on the way people will perceive the product or brand.

Multimedia and dubbing

With support from the technical department, an external audio studio and voice actors for most major world languages, we can create and produce high-quality translations/localizations of multimedia presentations.