With software, emphasis must be put on accuracy and conciseness of the translation of each text item being translated. Text items appear in the programme separately (as menu options or buttons, for example), and their meaning usually cannot be understood from the context on screen.

In addition to translating the actual text items, the localization process involves many other comprehensive technical and linguistic activities:

  • Analysis of the product’s inner architecture and locating the texts to be translated;
  • Extraction of the texts to be translated;
  • Analysis of the text to unify the terminology and style of the translation;
  • Creation/revision of basic terminology with respect to previous programme versions, specialized terminology and target language trends;
  • Adjusting text length and size of controls in the application to ensure good legibility and clear arrangement of the localized product;
  • Testing localized product versions, comparing their function with the source version;
  • Translation of the Help function and other product documents.

Thanks to the effective integration of all the above activities and our use of specialized experts, we are continuing our long tradition of successful work on a wide range of long-term software localization projects.