Localization is the comprehensive process by which your product is transferred not simply from one language (source) to another (target), but is at the same time adapted to the linguistic, cultural and other specific norms and practices of the target country.

What we provide:

Our specialized Localization Department has a depth of experience managing large-scale localization projects in various fields such as IT (SW and HW), medical technology, electronics, electrical engineering, automotive industry, finance and many others. Our services also include multimedia (audio/video) localization, games localization and post-editing machine translations.

We put together an implementation team led by a project manager for each localization project. Other team members include professional translators, checkers, proofreaders, specialist consultants, technicians and DTP specialists.

During localization we employ special software to support translations (CAT tools), which enable us to maintain uniformity of terminology, and help create top quality, consistent translations. Translations are invariably made by professional translators using one of the CAT tools.