Simultaneous interpreting from/into English and the provision of interpreting equipment at the TRENNS international scientific conference: “Theory, Research and Education in Nursing in the Slovak-Norwegian Context” for the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin, Comenius University in Bratislava.

Simultaneous interpreting at the seminar titled “National Info Day – CENTRAL EUROPE” and the provision of interpreting equipment for 100 participants of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic. Language combination: Czech-English.

Four days of simultaneous interpreting at a workshop organized in partnership with the UN Stockholm Convention Secretariat and the provision of interpreting equipment for 30 participants of RECETOX. Language combination: English-Russian. Furthermore three days of simultaneous interpreting at the 10th HCH Forum on the theme of pesticides in the environment, and the provision of interpreting equipment for 150 participants.

Consecutive interpreting from/into French, requiring in-depth and expert knowledge of technology, food-processing and chemistry for Unilever in Dijon, France, for 8 weeks. 3 interpreters were involved in the interpreting.

Three days of consecutive interpreting from Czech into Swedish and the provision of (mobile) interpreting equipment during the foreign fellowship and expert lectures in Malmö, Sweden, for 15 representatives of the South Moravian Region (Regional Authority of the South Moravian Region).

We provided all consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for the IAAF World Junior Championships in Athletics. Simultaneous interpreting, which included all provision of technical facilities for 300 people, was carried out in 4 European languages (English, French, Russian and Spanish). We were responsible for ensuring a faultless service throughout the weekend, carrying out consecutive interpreting on the same day it was booked.

Four days of English-Russian consecutive interpreting at the training of new employees for Trumf International, s.r.o., a major Czech spice manufacturer. Two interpreters were used for the event. Furthermore, we carried out a three-day simultaneous interpreting order from/into Romanian and Hungarian at a business skills training event.