Since 1995, we have been providing translations, pre-print and expert proofreading, interpreting, the localization of software, websites and multimedia, as well as other language services to customers throughout the world. We are the inclusive, flexible and reliable partner for you.


"In connection with our business activities, we were looking for a high-quality suppller of translation services, which is what we found this year in the company Aspena, s.r.o. Even though our cooperation with Aspena has only just begun, we are very satisfied with it."
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"When we looked for a reliable supplier of translation services in the Czech Republic, we found Aspena, s.r.o. in 2010. Aspena regularly translates for us texts concerning the range of our products into languages such as Polish, Russian or English, also within tight deadlines."

"We are very satisfied with services provided by Aspena, and the same holds true for the approach of their employees to the project management. Our mutual satisfaction resulted in signing a contract for translation services with aspena in February 2011. We can recommend Aspena to all other clients seeking highly professional translation services."

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"With Aspena, we can always rely not only on the quality of services but also on accurate keeping agreed delivery dates, and a professional and helpful approach of their personnel. That is why we can also recommend their services to other clients without hesitation." 

"We have been cooperating with the Aspena, s.r.o. company since 2002. Over the years the Aspena, s.r.o. company realized hundreds of orders for us. Considering our long-term satisfaction with the quality of the services of the Aspena, s.r.o. company we can highly recommend as well as its services."   Ferrit preklady 

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"We highly appreciate not only the professional approach of the personnel of aspena but also the quality translations and their meeting of deadlines. Based on the aforementioned facts, we can recommend Aspena, s.r.o. as a reliable partner for other customers as well."


"What we specially value on Aspena is the promptness of services provided, top-quality translations as well as willingness, flexibility and cultured conduct of their employees - project managers supervising each translation order."

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