Games played on personal computers or consoles do not face limitations that mobile games face. The device is more powerful and can handle graphically intense games. The storyline can also be more sophisticated, as there are looser limits on the overall size of the game.

The main console platforms are:

  • Sony Playstation 4
  • Microsoft XBox One
  • Nintendo Wii U

Game consoles are currently in their 8th generation. Contrary to computers, which can be upgraded continuously, consoles only update one every 5-10 years. Because the hardware stays the same during this period, it is easier to develop games for consoles - each game performs the same. On the other hand, at the end of an update cycle console are far behind PCs regarding performance and processing power.

Localization of PC and console games consist of in-game texts and audio translation. Also certain aspects of the user experience need to be localized and promotional materials, like websites, manuals and guides as well.